About Us

People are at the heart of everything we do

For over 15 years, ENERGYLINE has brought together the art and science of light for the benefit of the people using it.

ENERGYLINE Ltd is a subsidiary of Energylight Group and is a New Zealand owned and operated commercial lighting manufacturer with a commitment to excellence in our products, solutions and project delivery.

Production Team

Our high quality products are designed, developed and built in house by our innovative team of 20+ staff - our "Illumineers".

A diverse group of highly technical, lighting rock stars, the Illumineers play a critical part in producing the lit environment, sharing a collective pool of wider industry experience and constantly collaborating in order to improve and innovate.

The crew has most recently been bringing our Energyline Gen. 2 Platform into production, including processing the extrusion in-house!

Innovation Factory

Alongside our manufacturing business, we also have our Innovation Factory. Whether it’s a new product which solves an old problem or a software development which revolutionises the way our industry does business we are into it.

Concerned with the evolution of the lit environment, the Illumivators don't see problems... rather solutions that haven't yet been reached.

Lately, the team has been working on over 20 product improvements to roll into the Energyline Gen. 2 Platform as well as delivering custom photometric solutions.