Low Glare Linear Solution

Microprism Diffuser

Low glare UGR19 capable for workstation lighting

  • Efficacy up to 109 lm/W
  • Homogenous, continuous diffuser
  • IP5X protection
  • Can be combined with Ceiling Wash
Class Leading Solutions

Satin Diffuser

High vertical illuminance for collaborative spaces

  • Efficacy up to 110 lm/W
  • Homogenous, continuous diffuser
  • IP5X Protection
  • Can be combined with Ceiling Wash
Light Where You Need It


Controlled light to illuminate surfaces and architecture

  • Efficacy up to 125 lm/W
  • Optimised for technical performance
  • IP4X Protection
  • Integrated with 0° tilt
  • Can be combined with Ceiling Wash
Wall Wash
Double Wash
35° Optic
60° Optic
90° Optic
Available in 65mm
cross section | 65
All new Gen.2 Platform features
  • Optimum value with over 20 product improvements
  • Improved user comfort with UGR19 capable microprism option
  • Utilises Accu-Join for light-tight seamless joins
  • Factory finished for rapid and low risk installation
  • Concealed fixings, light-tight end caps
  • Even illumination of ceilings with standard Ceiling Wash indirect lighting
  • Optimised for straight run applications
  • Creative freedom in lighting design with precision optics
  • Designed to look as good in 15 years, as they do today

Evenly illuminated ceilings are now the standard with Ceiling Wash indirect lighting

  • Supplied as the standard indirect lighting component
  • Can be combined with direct lighting
  • IP5X Protection
  • Excellent horizontal distribution, ideally suspended 600mm from ceiling
Excellent horizontal illumination

Ceiling Wash

65 Ceiling Wash