Tauranga Crossing

Tauranga Crossing is a regional shopping destination located within the Bay of Plenty. The space is designed to embrace the local community providing a warm, inviting environment in which one feels familiar, comfortable and welcome. 

Lighting is seamlessly incorporated into the architecture, enhancing the visual experience and accentuating the built form.

Energyline linear extrusions diagonally transverse the space, reinforcing the structural ceiling form. This serves a dual purpose - visual repetition whilst achieving functional lighting.


  • Supplier: Energylight

  • Product: 108 Surface, 55 Recessed

  • Architect: Warren & Mahoney

  • Engineer: Norman Disney & Young

  • Lighting Design: NDYLIGHT

  • Completed: 2019

Hoyts EntX

Hoyts EntX is a part of a $50M 3-level entertainment complex right in the heart of Christchurch city. The multiplex cinema has played an essential role in the Christchurch rebuild with bringing people back into the central city. 

Energyline 75 Recessed IP54 was used in the canopy to invite people in. 

75 with Wall Wash was also integrated into the architecture in interesting shapes, to create a vibrant shape as visitors pass through Treat City on their journey to a movie.


  • Supplier: Energylight

  • Product: 75R IP54, 75 with Wall Wash

  • Architect: Ignite Architects

  • Engineer: Eleccom Design Limited

  • Main Contractor: Calder Stewart

  • Electrical Contractor: Nind Electrical

  • Completed: 2018


This fit-out is located in a heritage style brick building in the heart of Surry Hills.


The building was taken back to its core and with the exposed timber beams meant that suspended lighting was the preferred choice.The floor layout is open plan with plenty of natural light and so direct only task lighting was specified, Energyline linear extrusion being the perfect choice.


The lighting works seamlessly with the overall theme and design intent of the workspace and is both raw and contemporary.


  • Supplier: Light Culture

  • Product: 75 Suspended

  • Architect: Project One

  • Builder: Milligan Group

  • Completed: 2018



Tūranga Library has quickly become recognised as the crown jewel of the Christchurch CBD redevelopment post earthquakes, and a repeat destination for locals and visitors of all ages. 


Warm 3000K light provides a welcoming and comforting ambience to the space, encouraging the visitor to relax and take their time. 75S extrusion in various lengths integrates seamlessly between the lamella ceiling, reinforcing a strong lineal narrative. 


  • Supplier: Energylight

  • Products: 75 Suspended

  • Architect: Architectus

  • Electrical Contractor: Melray

  • Completed: 2018



Aurecon sought a lighting solution that complemented the modern architecture with a continuous, homogeneous linear lighting system. Linear extrusion was utilised across both levels of the fit-out as well as connecting spaces and meeting rooms. 

NZ distributor Energylight worked with Aurecon to provide a solution which recognised the large daylight component available to the interior space. Daylight and occupancy sensors were integrated within the profile to determine the perfect operating light level for staff and clients whilst harnessing the daylight to achieve energy savings and increase the longevity of the installation.


  • Supplier: Energylight

  • Products: 75 Recessed & 75 Surface

  • Architect: Warren & Mahoney

  • Engineer: Aurecon

  • Completed: 2017



Global biopharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca worked in collaboration with Futurespace architects to create a modern, flexible workspace. The office is split into different zone areas - conference and meeting rooms, open plan and private work areas, and community spaces including booths and lounges. An attractive lighting solution was required to inspire employees and communicate the company brand.

Light Culture, an Australian distributor of Energyline, worked with Futurespace to provide Energyline 75H in powder coated light blue. This unique custom colour aligns with the AstraZeneca brand while creating visual interest.

  • Supplier: Light Culture

  • Products: 75 Suspended with Uplight

  • Architect: Futurespace

  • Completed: 2016

Mortlock McCormack

Christchurch law firm, Mortlock McCormack Lawyers, wanted to create a dynamic, vibrant work space when they returned to Christchurch CBD. Energy Light worked with the architect and engineer to provide a lighting solution that considered the physical constraints of the L shaped office plan and structural columns in the building.

Energyline 75S transfers from a recessed detail in plaster, piercing through into open space as a suspended detail. The product has been customised to include striking red corner detail, which added creative flair and character, while reinforcing the Mortlock McCormack brand. The end result is a striking architectural statement and sense of vitality throughout the space.

  • Supplier: Energylight

  • Products: 75 Suspended

  • Architect: Stufkens + Chambers

  • Engineers: TMCO

  • Completed: 2016

King’s School Centennial Building


King’s School Centennial Building is a state-of-the-art learning environment that encourages collaboration as well as individual and reflective learning. Lighting design was a critical success factor for this new facility.

BECA Auckland and Warren and Mahoney selected Energyline in various sizes – 75R, 108R and 108S – and created an attractive custom design using continuous linear light with intersections and smooth transitions into wall details.

  • Supplier: Energylight

  • Product: 75 and 108 Recessed

  • Lighting Design: BECA Auckland

  • Architect: Warren and Mahoney

  • Electrical Contractor: ASECO Electrical

  • Completed: 2018