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Our product values
Attention to detail

Designed for people to enjoy spaces, by people who care about visual comfort and wellbeing

  • Design life of 15+ years

  • Light tight end caps

  • Thorough quality assurance checks from start to finish

Rapid Installs

Quick and simple mounting systems reduce liability and ensure no LEDs are compromised

  • No need to remove the gear tray

  • Accu-Join delivers seamless joins

  • Retain ESD compliance

  • Delivered in clearly labelled sections


The best way to be sustainable is to use a product that lasts.

  • High efficacy, up to 135lm/W

  • Sustainable aluminium

  • Recyclable packaging

No Bugs Inside

Same great finish in 10 years as the day luminaires are installed

  • IP5x as standard

  • No dust ingress

  • Light leak and diffuser expansion control

Our Culture

People are at the heart of everything we do.

Our team of 20+ is made of talented, hard-working and diverse people who strive to create and deliver solutions that enhance wellbeing through the lit environment... And don't mind breaking some rules in order to do just that.

Our projects
Energyline 108 example in mall setting
Energyline Louvre example in office setting
Energyline IP54R example in exterior setting
Energyline 55 example in corridor setting

Energyline is a Christchurch based manufacturer of custom made and configurable linear lighting systems for commercial lighting applications. Since 2004, Energyline has been an innovator in lighting manufacturing, design and software for commercial projects and the lighting industry.

Energyline Systems

Made-to-order linear lighting systems for every commercial application

Energyline 75 example
Energyline in exterior setting
Energyline suspended with custom finish
Energyline interior setting
Energyline Recessed example
Energyline Curvilinear foyer setting
Sales Partners

For project inquiries, technical questions or to learn more about Energyline, contact your local Sales Partner,




Lucian Architectural


Altitude Lighting


Raylinc Lighting

Get in touch

Our Factory, Customer Care and Engineering Team

Mark - Energyline General Manager



Mel - Energyline Internal Sales



Paul - Energyline Engineer
Aaron - Energyline Production Manager



Innovation Factory

We're all about creating positive outcomes through delivering value, utilising our capabilities to improve the lit environment.

Taylor - Energyline Innovation Factory Lead



Alongside our manufacturing business, we also have our Innovation Factory. Whether it's a new product which solves an old problem or a software development which revolutionises the way our industry does business - we are into it.

Our aspirations for innovation and delivery of market leading solutions are ever-evolving. We're always working to grow our capabilities to bring innovative and bespoke commercial lighting solutions to life.

Virtual Reality solutions in use

Product Innovation

Electronics engineer working on PCB

Electronic Engineering

Software Development

Hero - Energyline luminaires on display at Turanga Library, Christhcurch

Welcome to Energyline

Energyline 10 Year Warranty

We believe sustainability starts with products that are built to last, create real value and change the lives of those who use them.

Sustainable products reduce waste and provide synergy with our economy, environment and society.

Our 10 year warranty serves as a promise that our NZ made products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Energyline 10 Yar Warranty Logo
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