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Our Sustainability Values

We are committed to delivering sustainable products through the lit environment and don't just consider this to be in terms of recyclable materials. Our team are always looking to make a positive impact in our communities through the entire life cycle of our luminaires.

At the end of the day, we believe the best way to be sustainable is to use a product that lasts.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable products use less energy in the first place. Energyline linear lighting was developed from the get-go as a LED solution which focused on both high efficiency and providing well-lit, comfortable spaces for people to enjoy.

Energyline systems have an efficacy up to 135 lm/W, meaning less energy is needed to provide the same output as competing products. In addition to being more efficacious, we use Zhaga compliant boards which can be replaced later.

Across our entire product suite, all Energyline aluminium is extruded in New Zealand. 

Aluminium used in Energyline solutions is smelted at Tiwai Point, located in Southland NZ. The electricity comes from Manapouri, an underground hydropower plant.

New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) produce one of the lightest carbon footprints per tonne of aluminium, while being one of the purest and environmentally sustainable aluminium billet in the world.  All of the Tiwai Point plant’s alumina is supplied from Australia, with the majority coming from Yarwun and Queensland Alumina refineries.

​NZAS is one of a handful of smelters that can market under the RenewAl brand, also being one of only two smelters in the world producing ultra-high purity aluminium (99.98% pure) and the only one using renewable energy to do so.

RenewAl Metal is externally certified to have smelting emissions of less than four tonnes of CO² per tonne of aluminium. This guarantees that the aluminium is made of traceable raw materials and produced with electricity from low-carbon sources, using world-class smelting processes.

Situated in Christchurch NZ, we endeavour to use local suppliers, who practise sustainability in their day-to-day operations and align with our values. The Energyline factory also works with Meridian Energy, a NZ power company that generates electricity through 100% renewable sources.

Our approach to sustainability starts with our product values and our commitment to delivering on these values across our entire product suite. 

Energyline solutions are designed to last the life of the fitout, use less energy to deliver well lit spaces and look as good in 10 years as the day they are installed.

Here are some of the ways we design for sustainability:

• No need to remove the gear tray for installation, meaning ESD compliance is retained and sensitive electronic components are not being handled

• Quick and simple mounting systems reduce liability and ensure no LEDs are compromised

• With IP5x as standard across our linear systems, no bugs or dust is going to get inside the luminaire, removing the need for products to be replaced after a short amount of time

• A sustainable product is one that uses less energy. Energyline systems have an efficacy up to 135lm/W, delivering well lit spaces for people to enjoy with less energy used

• The environmental impacts of a product are analysed in the development phase to reduce impacts over the product life cycle

Sustainable By Design

Energyline solutions are designed with environmental factors and recyclability in mind. 

Adhesives, sealants or other materials used in building Energyline luminaires contain low volatile organic compounds (low VOC) as these can have a negative impact on the lifetime and performance of the sensitive LED components.

As we only use the highest quality components, some are sourced from Europe which has led us to carry a high stock volume and use sea freight where possible. Aside from the operational benefits (such as flexible builds), this has reduced our need for air freight and the associated carbon emissions. 

A number of our products are red list free. Materials on the red list (issued by the International Living Future Institute) were added based on the level of negative impact on human health and the greater ecosystem. Find more information on the red list.

Energyline generally recycles or disposes of electronic waste to minimise the associated environmental risks. We produce products that are generally over 99% recyclable and work with recycling partners.

Environmental Impact

We consider our Energyline packaging to be both sustainable and effective, as it is designed to prevent damage through the suspended shock-proof packers and outside box sleeve. Resilient packaging means projects are less likely to require additional products built from the first delivery being damaged in transit.

Packaging is custom-made from cardboard. The only plastic element you will receive on-site from us is the plastic sleeve which we haven't managed to eliminate just yet. We have made sure this plastic is fully utilised, as it is second-use when it arrives from our suppliers and we reuse it to sleeve the finished goods.

Sustainable and Effective Packaging

Looking around locally completed projects today, we have products built 10-20 years ago that are still installed and functioning due to their high-performing, long-lasting componentry and IP5x protection. 

With each new product improvement, development or addition, we look at how we can positively improve impacts on our environment and community. 

We back up our Energyline offering with a 10-year factory warranty, because we believe a sustainable product is one that lasts.

10 Year Warranty

TM65 is a carbon calculation framework which quantifies the environmental impact of a product's life cycle through an analysis of the construction and disposal phases.

As Energyline systems are made to order, we have defined a general case for each profile to calculate the GWP value. A key takeaway here is the positive impact of using New Zealand aluminium, as the coefficient is much lower than that of a globally sourced material. 

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