All New Generation 2

  • Optimum value for straight lengths with 20+ product improvements
  • Improved user comfort with UGR19 microprism
  • Accu-Join for light-tight seamless joins
  • Factory finished for rapid and low risk installation
  • Even illumination of ceilings with standard Ceiling Wash indirect lighting


The grace of free-flowing curves creating innovative light spaces

ENERGYLINE Adventor allows you to specify ENERGYLINE Curves into bespoke projects

Choose ENERGYLINE Curves

create your vision

Energyline Curves unique application allows for creativity in different shaped forms. Enhancing your possibilities for sophisticated designs with continuous, efficient illumination.


You Draw It

We Build It

The Energyline family offering a class leading combination of performance and aesthetics, for many applications including complex customisation and shapes.



We believe sustainability starts with products that are built to last, create real value and change the lives of those who use them.

Sustainable products reduce waste and provide synergy with our economy, environment and society.

Our 10 year warranty serves as a promise that our NZ made products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.