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Energyline IP55R example in Hoyts EntX exterior setting

Lighting Systems

Since 2009, Energyline has been building custom linear lighting systems for commercial projects in New Zealand and Australia.


Our systems are all designed and manufactured by our skilled team at our factory in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Every customer solution is carefully checked, detailed and made to order in-house with only the highest quality local and European componentry.


Functional, organic shapes and systems

Energyline Curvilinear provides the highest quality and performance-orientated systems in various radii that can be designed to meet your requirements from both standard configurations and custom designs

Energyline Linear example in an office setting

Delivering value for straight-line projects

Energyline Linear is optimised for projects requiring lighting in straight lines, Microprism diffuser, UGR19 glare control with ceiling wash uplight optics for uniform ceiling illumination in workplace and learning environments

Energyline Optics example in office setting.

Controlled light distribution through lens technology

Energyline Optics enhances lighting design opportunities with a range of lens-based optics, including wall-washing in a continuous application


Our most widely specified, fully customisable system

Energyline 75 is a fully customisable rectilinear lighting system that can be specified with endless possibilities, including microprism and lens-based options, made to order in any shape or configuration, including accessories designed to complement any architectural space


Smaller 55mm profile for architectural and commercial applications

Energyline 55 is highly customisable in a smaller profile size, whilst retaining the highest efficacy with mains voltage input and internal driver solution

Energyline 108 example in mall setting

Larger scale profile for open spaces and glare-free lighting

Energyline 108 is a highly customisable system suited to larger-scale spaces, providing lower luminance due to the wider luminous opening


75mm wide system with IP65 IK08 protection

Energyline Robust enables architectural lines in exterior applications

Shipping Q1 2023
Made-to-order linear lighting systems


Our library contains all the data and standard files you need complete your project

We're all about making data accessible and easy to use. 

Not finding what you need? 

Photometry Generator

Download custom IES or LDT files to the exact specification and length you need

  • Any output

  • Any length

  • Any configuration

Revit Generator

Download custom Revit models to the specification and length you need

  • Any length

  • Any configuration​​

Optic system

Energyline custom systems are available with a wide range of optic solutions, which are integrated into our extrusion with a 0° tilt.

Design Guides

ENERGYLINE is available with accessories including spotlights, downlights, emergency options and custom finishes.


Want to do something new?

Energyline 10 Year Warranty

We believe sustainability starts with products that are built to last, create real value and change the lives of those who use them.

Sustainable products reduce waste and provide synergy with our economy, environment and society.

Our 10 year warranty serves as a promise that our NZ made products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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